Lychee (Litchi chinensis)

The lychee has proved to be a popular fruit tree for the home gardens in Hawaii.
It is an attractive evergreen tree that provides shade for the garden and fruits during the summer.
Our Kwai Mi variety, which is thought by some Chinese authorities to be the Tai So variety in China,
is the most commonly grown variety on the islands.
Two recommended varieties, Groff and Kaimana, were both developed by the University of Hawaii from selections of Hak Ip seedlings.
The Groff is noted for its late bearing season and small aborted shriveled seed.
The newer Kaimana lychee is a commercial variety because of its high quality attractive fruits and reliable bearing traits.
Marcotted Kaimana trees grown and tested at various U.H. experiment stations have been good consistent annual bearers once they commenced bearing.