Longan (Dimocarpus longan)

A relative of the lychee, the longan is a popular fruit with the Chinese and Southeast Asian population in Hawaii.
While the longan tree is similar to the lychee in its ornamental appearance, the longan seems to tolerate the wind better than the lychee.
The yellow brown fruits are produced in clusters during the fall months after the lychee season.
The white, translucent flesh is somewhat sweeter and spicier in flavor when compared to the lychee.
The Kohala variety with large, sweet, good flavored fruits has been commonly grown in Hawaii for many years;
however, the trees have been erratic bearers.
Longans and lychees are normally subtropical in their climatic requirement and fruit better in areas with cool dry winters and warm humid summers.
More recently, varieties from Thailand and Taiwan have been introduced and have produced high quality fruits regularly.
Chompoo, Bai Dum, and Fortune Eye are varieties recommended for Hawaii.